Papyrus - Egypt 2001

These are the papyri that were bought from the Thebes Papyrus Institute in Luxor.

Judgment day - weighing of the heart. From the Book of the Dead.
Anubis weighs the heart of the deceased against the Feather of Maat. If the heart weighs more than the feather, then it is eaten by the soul-eating-beast. If it is equal to or lighter than the feather then Horus leads the deceased to Osiris to enter heaven. Thoth, the scribe, records the events. Isis and Nephthys stand behind Osiris, and the four sons of Horus are in front of Osiris on the lotus blossom. Above the main scene, the deceased is making offerings to the assorted pantheon.

Nut, the sky goddess, representing creation/night and day. Taken from the ceiling of the tomb of Ramses VI.
In the top half, Nut surrounds the Book of Day. She is swallowing the sun and giving birth to it again. Note that the sun is red when swallowed, and gold when it rises again. The beetle, Khepri, brings the son into being. Notice that the Nile flows through this part.
The bottom represents the Book of Night. Notice that to the right and left, outside of the area enclosed by Nut, it is blank, representing that this is outside of creation.

Goddess Isis. This was taken from the bottom of the coffin of Tutankhamem.

Eye of Horus.